Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The World Is Not Ending Soon

I know you are viewing this page because of the post title.. hmm you are now wondering if am a magician or a prophet to have know your motive, don't worry It's just a lucky guess..oh i got you again..wink., i actually knew you are here because the post title sound controversial as against the popular opinion of the world ending soon.

If you are an active user of the social media like Facebook and Twitter or the messaging platform of BBM and Whatsapp, you must have come across several messages going round that everything hindering the rapture has been removed and the world will end soon.

This messages are going viral due to the catastrophe ranging from terrorism, wars, mass riots, earthquakes, flood, deadly diseases, and so many others too numerous to contain this post. Even advancement in technology and policy formulations has been linked with signs of end time. 

Any ish that happen, the majority of the opinion/comments you will hear from people is/are "end time things, this are the last days, the world will soon end,bla bla bla", if you are doubting me, i suggest you read a typical article /news from Linda Ikeji Blog that portray violence or any anomaly's happening around the world and wait and see the comments that will roll in thereafter.

Many at times when i read the comment section of LIB i just laugh it off but the truths is instead of people to think and give objective reasons while some things are happening and proffer solution thereafter, all they will do is scream end time things. For instance, you will read news of graduates that where apprehended for robbery, the comments that will follow is end time things instead of simply saying that there is no job that's why they went stealing or stealing should not be and option despite the harsh economy we are in. Anytime i come across all this ish end time comments, my head usually goes #@%^<*+=>/?;'"&-.. and always feel like kicking them on the head.

End time scare is not new and many people will still continue to use it to intimidate gullible people. I can remember when i was a teenager people where screaming and vehemently preaching the Gospel that will should repent that the world will end in year 2000, omo come see many people that slept in churches awaiting angle Micheal to blow the trumpet. Fast forward to the year 2011, movement led by Herold camping, who runs an Evangelical family radio predicted that judgement day is may 21st 2011 and that God will end the world six month from that date because the sins of mankind is too much and Christians believers will ascend to heaven.By doing the maths, many thought the world will definitely come to an abrupt end in 2012.There is even a movie to that effect titled 2012. Many left their loved ones, families, beautiful homes and started camping in tents with like minds, traveling from one place to the other preaching the fear repentance that the world will end 2012 and they should not be caught unaware.

Please don't mistake me for an atheist because of the way am sounding, i believe so much in the supreme God and his existence. Its crystal clear in the bible that the angels and even his beloved son did not know when the world will end(refer to Mathew 24:36, Mark 13:32, Act 1:7) that why i find it funny anytime people predict the world will end soon. I know am sounding too preachy now but my aim is to free many people from the religious web and practice spirituality as suggested in my previous post titled Religious Belief read here.

I will rest here for now to know your opinions. my thought though.

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