Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Mr NDLEA Bring back My Ear Piece

The date was Friday 16/06/2017... I was at Big Joe Transport bus park by because i had already booked for a journey to Abuja a day before. After thirty minute i checked in, one kind early morning hunger just hit me couple with little headache.

Luckily for me i saw a mini restaurant(mama put) closed by and as a badt sharp guy i decided to quickly help myself with owo soup and starch so that world war Z nor go happen for my belle.
After i finish eating, i bought a packet of paracetamol and i took two tablet to help combat the encroaching enemy headache.

Exactly 8.15a.m our bus hit the road. The journey was so dull to me because the driver was driving slower than necessary so i had to sleep off. There was this fellow passenger that sat beside me called Francis. Francis tried chatting me up but i didn't show much interest so he had to keep quiet. Hey its not like i do not feel like talking, the thing is i like staying mute when i meet a religious fanatic. I do not like discussing religion just to avoid unnecessary argument, besides my headache is just subsiding.

Immediately we passed lokoja, i think the time should be around 4-5pm. Some men on red jacket with NDLEA boldly inscribed stopped our bus. I thought they were just having pep talk with the driver until the door was slide open. One of them was just observing us one after the other as if he can see through our soul.

Who is the owner of this bag? I said who is the owner of this bag? he shouted. They were actually four bags there but the dude was pointing directly at my bag.. Omo see gobe.. At that moment my thinking was faster than the speed of light. Did anyone smuggle hard drugs into my bag without my knowing, i thought silently. The bag is mine, i responded hesitantly.

Come down and follow me, i sluggishly came down from the bus and went behind him. Where is the bag? he demanded, in the bus i responded. Why didn't you bring it along?, but you only asked me to follow you. Okay go and bring it he said. I tossed the bag on a mini table like that and was observing their every move like kilode (abeg nor blame me because i have heard tons of stories of how this people plant cannibals and other stuffs during search just to implicate the suspect).

OMG... I can recall now, the pack of paracetamol is in my inner bag..were i normally keep my laptop. Shittt..dammit i scream in my mind( i ought not worry but i know how this law enforcement people will react when they later find the paracetamol. They will be like Mr man you're abusing drugs and when you say it just for headache, they will tell you to provide doctors report). As he was zipping and unzipping every conner of my bag, he found my beautiful white ear piece..

Wow this is beautiful, can you gift it to me, he ask politely..(i knew if i oblige his request he will stop further search otherwise the reverse will be the case). No problem you can have it. With a sheepish smile on my face i gave him my precious ear piece under duress. Thank you, i love it, you can go(shebi i tell una say them go allow me go). I pick my bag and joined my bus with the other passengers unable to hide their suspicious gazes from me.

It was later around 9-10pm when i was looking for my ear piece to listen to "fall" by davido that i realize the gravity of my mistake goodwill. Mr. NDLEA abeg bring back my ear piece i nor dash again..wink..

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