Monday, 19 June 2017

My Search For True Love Turn Sour

I just found out that this post my search for true love turn sour i wrote in feb 2016 in nairaland is not here. In the thread a nairalander with monika Bhella5 sees the moral of the my ordeal as "Never Trust A Campus Girl". Enjoy after the cut
I met this Benin babe April 2014 in ughelli . I travelled to see my brother as she was there for a visit too. omo, this babe package die..As a single sharp guy, i approached and made my feelings known to her.

After some initial gra gra she said yes and i felt like someone that just won nairabet.

We did alot of romance and getting to know more about each other before she traveled. So since then our relationship have been through the phone. We could talk for hours over the phone because i never want distance to be a barrier.

December last year, she promised to visit me for xmas. I was happy that i had to send her t-fare plus extra 5k to get herself something special.


She didn't show up but gave some silly excuse. I was not angry because i was in love. She suggested i visit her in school(oh i forgot to tell you she is a 300l AAU student) for valentine this year.

Fast forward...

I could not make it on vals day because my worker call in sick the previous day.

As a sport betting agent sundays is one of our eke market days and that particular one features football titans like Arsenal vs Leicester and man city vs tottenham. She was not happy about the development but have to keep calm after i recharged her phone then promised to visit her feb.22nd come rain come sun.

Our plan is, she will wait for me at AAU school gate then we lodge at a good hotel because she lives in the student hostel.

I was ready for the adventure that beautiful sunday. I have to fashy my business for that day because of love. 11a.m, i called and told her i am on my way. She was very happy and gave me every description possible. I packaged her val gift then storm the bus park.

Due to the fuel scarcity the price of transportation was inflated that i had to spend 2k from warri to ekpoma. All through the journey we spoke endlessly on the phone just to intimate her on my proximity to her school.

So finally i got to her school gate around 5.40 pm. I called and called but her phone was switched off. I had to tell a bike man to take me to any nearby hotel.  After i booked for a room of 5k per night i dailed her digit. Lo and behold, it rang. The holy problem was she did not pick even when i might have given her up to 50 missed calls.

So i had to send her an sms to meet me up at the hotel i lodged. Five minute later, i called and she finally picked...the following conversation ensued..
me: babyyy were did leave your phone? did you see my massage?

she: yes, i actually change my mind.

me: change your mind on what? what do you mean?

she: i can't come out from my hostel to meet you up because i have a class by 8am tomorrow.

me: wtf are you talking about baby? okay come to your school gate let me atleast see you if you don't want to spend the night out.

she: i really don't want to come out from my hostel . then she hang up on me.

I called again, told her the risk i took and the bridge i crossed just to see her but she choose to stay in her hostel. she hang up before i finish talking.

To embrace reality, i slugishedly walked to the bar section of the hotel. I order for two bottle of harp which cost me a thausand buss. After i finished one bottle of the beer i try calling again to atleast plead more because i love her but her phone was switched off.

I waited hoping she may change her mind but my hope was shredded. So the next morning i deleted her contact and gave all the gift i bought for her to the receptionist as i checked out the hotel.

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