Saturday, 25 April 2015

Never Doubt Your Nigeria Instinct

Am not much of a soccer addict but i do enjoy watching this particular sport whenever i am opportune to, most especially when it involves my preferred team.

For the records, i am a Chelsea fan-although i can't really explain my love for Chelsea fc, might be because they are called "the blues"(i love blue colour anyways) but one thing is for sure, the blues winning a match always bring some sort of joy to my heart while their defeat sometimes made me complain and blame the tactics of their head coach as if i am being

Long story made short, i was looking forward to Chelsea vesus PSG. Its a return leg match between the two football titans to decides which team would continue to the next stage of the ongoing Champions league. I had visited a friend earlier to enjoy this great match in his apartment. He is a die hard fan of Manchester united and he never for one bit like the blues.

Trust guys on footballs yarns and arguments. He believes PSG will doburize(don't bother checking your dictionary) Chelsea while i disagree with his opinion. As i reach to help myself with the beer placed in front of me, the worst shit happened.

The light went off. Power holders are at work..NEPA don take light my friend murmur in frustration  and to add salt to injury, there was no fuel in his i better pass my neighbor(generator). I was confuse and wonders why bad things always happen to good people but i was determine to see this match.

Within ten minutes, am already at a sport viewing center. Football lovers were there in their numbers. I paid fifty buss as gate pass and went straight to sit close to one of the window. Just barely twenty minutes of play i sighted about three hilux packed full of mobile policemen.

As a warri boy who grew up in the ghetto, i knew i had to obey my Nigeria instinct. I jump through the window like other sharp guys. As we ran, those that sat like nothing would happen were rounded-up and news had it that they paid 10k each before they were released.

LESSON: Never ever doubt your Nigeria instinct. Run when you see the police because they aren't your friend. They make unlawful arrest when they need quick cash and will accuse you of crime you don't know about.

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  1. I think you need an editor. I can see A LOT of grammatical errors. And you haven't driven home your point. Just one badly described experience is not enough. The whole post is very incomplete .Not to be rude or mean or anything. I'm just giving constructive criticism as writer myself. You can do better