Saturday, 9 August 2014

90% Employees are beggers

I know this may sound like a joke or you are thinking this post title is a typographical error...No It's not. Am just being conservative with figures here because in actual fact,over ninety percent will not be an exaggeration.

Have you ever been to a shopping mall after paying for the items you bought and the cashier is expecting a tip? What about the civil servant expecting you to provide Kola (tip) after they had rendered the service of which they are being paid to you? I know you definitely Don't want a tale about our police

My encounter of employees stalking unemployed graduates or just anybody for tips are too numerous to contain these blog post but i will share with you, one of my personal experience.

I woke up one faithful morning very elated, knowing fully that i will be on a journey to Enugu. Enugu which is the capital of Enugu state in the South East of Nigeria, is about five hour drive from warri. So after my morning rituals, i was fully set to En route the coal city state.

On getting to a popular bus park, i walked straight towards the cashier selling Enugu travel tickets. After paying for my ticket i noticed my change was not complete so i said "Fine girl, my change never complete o" she responded by saying "brosssssssssss abeg make your girl use this one take chop joorr" i shylingly smiled and said okay, then walk to the bus that bear my ticket number.

Two minute letter, i was pressed and decided to use the rest room before my bus leave the park. After easing myself i was washing my hands from a running tap beside the male convenience, suddenly a cleaner appear and apply a little hand wash to my hands and in responses i said thank you. As i was about to leave i heard a voice saying "bros anything for me? bless your boy naa" mere looking at him i knew he is older than me but being a philanthropic  person  who is ready to help, i quickly dip my hand into my pocket and gave him money.

Fast forward, i got to Enugu safe and sound after the heavy traffic at the Niger bridge and a friend asked me to accompany him to the local government secretariat. He want to collect a certificate of "Local Govt.of Origin". so after he was handed the document, the officer in-charge was expecting kola from this young dude who is young enough to be his son or you can say a grown man with job asking a young dude without job for money.. 

All this tips employees are collecting is the reason i liken them to beggers.If you are really observant, something similar might have happen to you. Am not saying It's bad to give tips rather tip should be given when you are Please with the service rendered to you on your own free will without compulsion or being pressured to give it. The employees needed not to ask but when they do, I Call it begging.

I think and am very sure at this juncture, i have been able to convince you beyond reasonable doubt that most employees are feel free to use the comment box and say your mind.          


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