Wednesday, 20 August 2014

I Can Save The World With A Magic Wand

Yes i really can save the world if am with a magic wand. All i will do if am with the magic wand is to make this world livable and peaceful.. I will go to Iraq and end the ISIS terror, then stretch my stick to Nigeria and wipe out Boko Haram. As a matter of fact, I will make sure crisis and wars all over the world is brought to an end with immediate effect by swinging my stick.

With the help of my magic wand, i will provide constant power supply, i will build roads, provide jobs for the teaming unemployed graduates, diversify the economy by making Agriculture the mainstay of the country..i will do this by using modern farming method of mechanized agriculture.I will endeavor our health workers are properly remunerated and have state of the art facilities that can cure any type of deadly disease you may think of.

Sustainable Environment will be fully and seriously practiced if am with the magic wand. There will be no cause for labour union to go on strike because i will treat workers well. Schools will be on session as at when due because lecturers are well taken care of. The university will be liken to a production department of any company because the undergraduates will produce virtually everything we use and export.I will do this by providing the necessary state of the art practical workshop in the schools, engage the lecturers in constant research and pay students stipends monthly.

Honestly, there are many things i will do if am with the magic wand to alleviate the suffering in the world.. Now let come to the real world..When i say magic wand am not in any way hoping to posses one tiny stick usually seen in mystical world of wizardry movies like the popular "Harry potter", but i mean being in the position that i can make decision of change. This is not about me, but to our leaders whom have failed the citizen of their country. They are with the magic wand but have failed to do anything to help the people that voted them into power. They watch countless number of the people die daily to hunger and poverty, terrorism, diseases that can be prevented and cured, bad roads,etc. All they know is to loot the national treasury, promote corruption and make life harder for the poor masses struggling to make end meet.

Yes am referring to you in any position of authority that have failed in your duties.You may be the President of a country, Senator, House of rep member, Governor of a state, Vice chancellor, HOD, Dean, lecturer, Student union leaders, Pastor,Prophet, Emir, king, Businessman, Employer, Employee, etc. Its never too late though..You can still make things right if you really want to.

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