Wednesday, 11 March 2015


She embraced me from behind and shouted Yinka its not fair o. You just left like that without even trying to reach me. See as u don chop-up,chia there is God o...

Before this meeting, i was only about entering a bank, i went there to rectify dispense error wahala. I had try withdrawing ten thousand naira with my debit card from an ATM the previous week. The 10k was deducted from my account yet the machine refuse to dispense my cash.

The thing is, i was left with only hundred naira in my wallet and i got to take a bus to my house which will cost one hundred and fifty buss. i knew i was screw. Na which kind wahala be dis, i mutered to myself in warri pigeon English.
I had to trek about two kilometer to register my complaint with my bank and i was told to be patient, that it will be reverse within twenty-four hours.

Twenty-four hours passed and my cash is still hanging in the pipeline. I was so vexed that i had to marched to the nearest branch of my bank to know what is going on. They handed me a form to fill that it would be rectified ASAP. 

To make a short story shorter, a week passed and nothing was done to reverse my 10k. At this point many thoughts were flying through my head(lack of job, no girlfriend to console me, and how the banking industry have being stealing my money in the name of one charges or the other). Lei-lie i must collect this my money i resolved.

It was when i entered the banking premises with a long face(i had plan to sleep in the managers office until they refund my money) that i was grabbed from behind by a pretty dark lady probably in her mid twenty's. I was surprise but maintained my calm as a gentleman.. Sorry beautiful, i am not Yinka, I am Mudility, how are you?

She never believed me. She taught i was making fool of her in the public because i can see it all over her face as she protest by saying " me Ademoke your friend in Ibadan". The funny thing is i have never been to Ibadan as at that time. It must be my look-alike because am really not Yinka i told her looking at her two koro-koro eyes eye balls to eye balls and left.

As i entered the banking hall, she was still staring at me with disbelief. This left me wondering if there is really my look-alike in Ibadan. Anyway i would love to meet him one day lol. Have you met your look-alike or experience this before? please share your story in the comment session. cheers...


  1. Lol! I'm sure the babe still thinks you're the Yinka... I've heard that everyone has a double somewhere, I haven't seen mine yet but I met a guy once who looked exactly like my youngest brother.

    1. lol you're right about her thought Adaezenwa. Am really looking forward to meet my look alike. welcome to mudilityblog.