Tuesday, 31 March 2015

I Must Confess #New Year Resolutions aren't Easy To Keep

Just like most people did, in the beginning of this year i sat down to meditate, brainstorm, took my pen  laptop and type My Top Eleven New Year Resolution For 2015.

Omo E no easy eh(in P square voice), i noticed this after i stumbled on my old post yesterday..lol. To be frank, after a thorough assessment of my resolutions, it was very clear i had not kept to them and if i were to rate my performance in the scale of ten, i will gladly award myself two marks.

The spoiler of it all is number three, remember i promise to stay indoors in 2015 general election. I was not only seen outdoors, i slept outdoors in the just concluded presidential election and may likely do same in the gubernatorial election slated for April 11th, 2015. It was not intentional but as a result of my decision to participate.

I participated in the election process as an ad-hoc staff(assistant presiding officer111). We were at INEC office a day to the election to check the various wards we were deployed to. The list came out very late. I had no option than to pass the night there(no cash for hotel lol), and after the peaceful election in my unit, the bus that took us there didn't come back for us on time. We finally got to INEC office around 7pm, spent another four hours there before we could scale through their bottle neck procedures.

Infact by the time i check my time, it was almost 11p.m, i grab a can of chilled coke plus one fresh bite gala. As i ate, i knew the cool night awaits me but i smiled because its my little token for change.


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