Wednesday, 20 August 2014

I Can Save The World With A Magic Wand

Yes i really can save the world if am with a magic wand. All i will do if am with the magic wand is to make this world livable and peaceful.. I will go to Iraq and end the ISIS terror, then stretch my stick to Nigeria and wipe out Boko Haram. As a matter of fact, I will make sure crisis and wars all over the world is brought to an end with immediate effect by swinging my stick.

The World Is Not Ending Soon

I know you are viewing this page because of the post title.. hmm you are now wondering if am a magician or a prophet to have know your motive, don't worry It's just a lucky guess..oh i got you again..wink., i actually knew you are here because the post title sound controversial as against the popular opinion of the world ending soon.

If you are an active user of the social media like Facebook and Twitter or the messaging platform of BBM and Whatsapp, you must have come across several messages going round that everything hindering the rapture has been removed and the world will end soon.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Gambling To Make Ends Meet

Gambling as we know is a game of chance whereby a player either win or loss something of material value. It involves the individual staking money or any goods/property of worth(like Gold,Cars,House,etc) with the expectation of winning money or property higher than what was staked.

Generally, gambling is seen as bad and trust me, you will definitely be referred to as the black sheep of the society if you are seen around a gambling ground back then when i was still a child..i was about twelve years old then., but nowadays, its has become a means of living for many. This sound funny but its the in thing right now and most youths are making it big time.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Religious belief

Religion is a way of life/believe of certain group of people. According to a great Economist ,Karl Marx, religion is the opium of the people. It's posits that religion makes people weak and dogmatic in belief and most time doing unjust act as just because of wanting to enter an imaginary haven.

Am not in anyway against religion but I am not happy about the way It's been taken to the extreme nowadays. Although religion differ in practice, the difference is not the problem but the urge to make one superior than others is the real crux. 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

90% Employees are beggers

I know this may sound like a joke or you are thinking this post title is a typographical error...No It's not. Am just being conservative with figures here because in actual fact,over ninety percent will not be an exaggeration.

Have you ever been to a shopping mall after paying for the items you bought and the cashier is expecting a tip? What about the civil servant expecting you to provide Kola (tip) after they had rendered the service of which they are being paid to you? I know you definitely Don't want a tale about our police

Friday, 8 August 2014


This is a guest post compiled by Gerald Ofulue for MudilityBlog .

I find myself pondering many times when I see a movie or soap or music video that portrays love between a man and a woman.

In the movie world, when a man and a woman are in love, it is usually expressed by sex. They can't keep their hands off each other, they can't do without each other. You will notice deep professions of love, plenty romantic talk and lots of sex in highly glamorized ways. But.. I hardly ever find the lovers living in real life. I don't see how they discuss everyday issues and challenges. I don't see/hear
INTELLIGENT conversation happening between them.

Ebola scare

The deadly Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever has been on the world news following It's outbreak in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. This has made local and international organizations putting efforts in educating the general public of possible preventions.

Due to the deadly nature of the disease some local and untested preventive measures Which I personally find funny and fallacious is fast circulating in the social media in Nigeria.  Last week the trending news in my Facebook and twitter handle was bitter kola as if that is not enough i received broadcast massage from almost all my contacts in whatsapp and bbm of how chewing of bitter Kola will help curtain the spread of Ebola.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Lets Hold Hands

A popular saying Unity will stand and divided will fall is a very correct statement that should not be undermined.  As a Nigerian, i have critically observe and come to realize that the problems bedeviling this country are not from planet Mars or Pluto neither is it from any alien country, rather we are our own devils.