Friday, 1 August 2014

Lets Hold Hands

A popular saying Unity will stand and divided will fall is a very correct statement that should not be undermined.  As a Nigerian, i have critically observe and come to realize that the problems bedeviling this country are not from planet Mars or Pluto neither is it from any alien country, rather we are our own devils.
OK maybe am being to harsh here but the gospel truth is we shot our feet by allowing  Religious belief to cause strife among-st us, we allow Ethnic sentiment rule our choices and we have fallen deeply in love with the seductive women called corruption. 

My fellow Nigerian, despite the insecurity and other challenges befalling our nation, we should stick together with one voice, confront the truth objectively rather than allow religion, ethnicity and corruption be-clad our sense of judgment.

I don't know what you are seeing, I mean you reading this post but Am seeing a better Nigeria that will be a model the world would take a cue from not for her infamous  but for a well developed, robust  economic and political system that relegate sentiment and corruption to the background.

So lets hold hands Nigerians to enjoy peace and massive development because a broom stick taken from the bunch is worthless. we should stay together as one nation. Cheers..

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