Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Stop Jungle Justice

Don't know if i am the only one seeing all the gruesome extra judicial killings in videos recently. How do people in their rightful sense participate in ending the life of another. The most annoying is that you will see learned people carrying out or praising those executing  jungle justices.

Una mhen... This is totally uncool. Burning and killing innocent people because you suspects them to be a member of a cult group without bringing them to a proper justice system is injustice at its peak.
Setting ablaze a full blooded human just because they stole a common phone is a criminal offense in itself.

My people lets rise against jungle justice in all ramification. The human life is more precious than gold(phones, money and any material thing you may think of). No matter the offense committed, extra judicial killings by mob action will bring no justice.

Africa...Lets abolish dealth penalty from our judicial system.. Nigeria.. Lets stop jungle justice. Peace.

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