Thursday, 29 January 2015

God Does Not Have A Voters Card

If you are in Nigeria, you would have noticed the overwhelming political climate. Campaign is like mtn (everywhere you go). Politicians are out in their numbers canvasing for votes. They do this by sharing bags of rice and money to some group of electorates persons for them to vote and convince others to vote for them.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

I Only Requested For A Minimum Of 40K Monthly But I Was Given The Greedy Look

It was very cold in the early hours of the day. The rain fell heavily the previous night, but despite the unfriendly weather, i hurriedly took my bathe because i was scheduled for an interview that day.

I grab my pullover and went straight to the interview venue. There were about twenty-six(26) applicants there already. I wrote down my name and the exact time on the attendance sheet provided(it was exactly 7.59am) then move to the reception.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

My Top Eleven New Year Resolution For 2015.

On New Year's Eve, I was with some close buddies at a local bar to mark the day celebration and as a reunion party after some donkey years of disappearing not meeting. There were alot of Origin and beer on our table garnished with several plates of cat fish pepper soup.It was fun unspeakable.

After we had drank lot of beer and the normal friends bashing and argument on football, my friend Daniel(i call him the boss) listed the things he would love to do and achieve in 2015. Like flock of bird, the rest of us listed our plans too.