Saturday, 3 January 2015

My Top Eleven New Year Resolution For 2015.

On New Year's Eve, I was with some close buddies at a local bar to mark the day celebration and as a reunion party after some donkey years of disappearing not meeting. There were alot of Origin and beer on our table garnished with several plates of cat fish pepper soup.It was fun unspeakable.

After we had drank lot of beer and the normal friends bashing and argument on football, my friend Daniel(i call him the boss) listed the things he would love to do and achieve in 2015. Like flock of bird, the rest of us listed our plans too.
To be honest, everyone at the meeting did lament on some past mistakes and decisions made. It's  time to reflect on the changes we need to make and resolve to follow through on those changes. This made daniel and others telling us their new year resolutions. I was unable to list mine at that spot because i had not given it to thought prior to our meeting.

So now that we are already in year 2015, and after a thorough mind searching, i came up with a list of my top Eleven new year resolutions for 2015. see below: 

1. I Resolve To Stop Being Desperate About Getting A Job: Desperation will only makes one settle for less or waste t-fare to different fake job interviews or be swindled off cash by unsuspecting scammers in the world of job searching. Read(my job searching experience)

2. I Resolve To Learn Something New: Am still filing my Todo list in this regard. I may learn driving, do a Master degree by God Grace. Also i wish to learn sky diving and how to ride a speed boat..wink

3. I Resolve To Stay Indoors In 2015 General Election: Many thanks to my lost voters card. Why will i even waste my energy and time to stand on the sun to vote for the same set of leaders who have failed in all aspect??

4. I Resolve To Stop Drinking Beer: Am not an addict per-say but i drink socially when with friends. I may switch brand because the beer i took on new year eve left me with serious migraine for two days.

5. I Resolve To Stop Kicking Annoying People On The Head: Oh yeah i will adhere to this but i may start boxing their

6. I Resolve To Write More Blog Post: Most times its not lack of data connection or power failure(this is the case sometimes) but mare laziness.

7. I Resolve To Read More Than I Have Ever Done: This i will definitely do.

8. I Resolve To Spend More Time with Family & Friends: So many complain from my siblings and friends that am not always around..oh yeah, they are not wrong.

9. I Resolve To Stop Excessive Travelling: I plan to cut down unnecessary travel.Am that dude that always travel to attend a friend family ceremony once invited. Sometimes just to visit a new place, sometimes just to eat a particular food(like i did two months ago just to eat Enugu 'okpa and abacha'). Less travel equals more savings(do the maths yourself)

10. I Resolve To Stop Night Travel: Like Apostle Paul,"the things i don't want to do i do,the things i want to do i do not do". I hate night travelling but i find myself doing it often.

11. I Resolve To Love Again: I had plan to be a celibate after my heart got broken..hehe. Now that i reconsider my stance, i will stand in love since falling in love is dangerous good.

Now it your turn to tell me your new year resolutions in the comment box.

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  1. To conquer the world and be relevant - Is that an appropraite resolution?

    1. lol calabar gal. i don't think its appropriate.