Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My Two Cent Opinion On Feminism

This post was inspired by a blog post titled”My Coming Out Of The Closet #secrets” by ofili of ofilispeaks.com.

Ofili reveals the little secret that he was hiding for years. According to him, he is a male feminist. That seems not much a secret to me, I wrote in the comment session and went further to hastily mistakenly state that I am a feminist too.

Okay I have not said its bad to be a feminist o but I think of myself more of a modern man than being a feminist. The philosophy behind feminism is all about the rights of women all over the world. This entails right to vote, right to hold political offices, right to equal employment opportunities, equal right with their husbands, infact plus any other rights their male counterparts enjoys.

To me the feminist idea is uncalled for and may spur an overbearing attitudes in some women especially the enlightened ones. As a matter of fact, the idea has eaten deep into most women and I confess that I have seen couples at logger head because the wife thinks washing of dishes, cloths, cooking of food should be ration. As Christians women, sticking to this ideas is not good because its disobeys the sacred law of submissiveness in the bible.

As a modern man, I won’t have any problem with a woman being my boss in the office (even if she happens to be my spouse) or the president of my country but I will not tolerate my wife being the boss of the house(it disobey the divine arrangement made by God of man being the head of the home).

As a modern man, I love to see the female forks compete equally for positions with their male counterpart without fear or intimidation. The thing most women do that makes my head spine is appearing weak when seeking for positions. They want the male folks to hand it to them like a platter of Gold. Some of them will give sex to get what they want (this is called appearing weak).

As a modern man, I will not shy away from my financial responsibility towards my spouse but I would love to see the female folks take responsibility financially. It somewhat funny seeing women clamoring for all this feminist right but will push their spouse forward when it comes to paying the bills.

Like my title reads, this is my two cent opinion on feminism. Cheers.


  1. From what you wrote, I would say that you rightly described yourself 'a modern man' because you are obviously not a feminist.
    Towards the end, you mentioned that you would want women to start taking financial responsibilities in the house while you preached that women shouldn't ration house chores to their husbands as it is against your bible principles.
    which should I take now? Cos the sentences contradict each other

  2. You also said you are for women having equal rights with their husbands, then you also mentioned that you will not tolerate your wife being a boss (as it goes against the divine mandate). Do u know what equal means?
    If your wife has equal rights with you, then you don’t think of yourself as the boss cos you are supposed to be one.

  3. Chidis i must commend you for this comments..Okay lets make some fact clear here because its seem you didn't read in-between the line.
    Yes i did say i won't tolerate my wife being the boss in the house because she need to be loyal because am her hubby even if she gat all the money. Remember i still believe in the equality women{(As a modern man, I won’t have any problem with a woman being my boss in the office (even if she happens to be my spouse)}
    On taking financial responsibility, i mean any lady should try and make a living, get a career and not seat down waiting for a man to come and solve all their problem. A good wife will not wait for the husband to provide cash for petty expenses of which she can easily offset. I rest my case for now.