Monday, 29 December 2014

Heaven will be boring if it ever exist

Three weeks ago i was on a journey from Warri going to Portharcourt for an interview(oh please i don't want to remember that sham interview). My session was schedule for monday 8a.m so i had to travel on Sunday considering the distance and time factor.

By noon that faithful day i was already at the bus station. I bought my ticket like every responsible traveler. Apparently i was the last on the manifest and was directed by the bus conductor loader to a big coaster bus.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

When Will PHCH Take The Light?#Bonny

One place i fell in love with recently is bonny island.

Hmm don't mind me joor. I went to the island not because i enjoys travelling(i love it though) neither for a visit but as one of my-job-searching-experience.

Bonny island is somewhere in river state in the Niger delta region,Nigeria. It roughly one hour thirty minute speedboat ride from port harcourt(capital city of river state). The only means of getting to the island is by water and air(i can bet a dollar that 99 percent of the people there travels by water popularly known as the bonny river).

Monday, 1 December 2014

Life Of A Nigerian Graduate(Episode 6)

Read Episode 5 Here
The d-day came and we were all over the sport complex awaiting the student affair representative.

It was on a Saturday morning with friendly weather. I had arrived the venue exactly 8am that day and prospective corps members were already there in their numbers queuing according to their faculties.

I manage to quiz myself in the middle of the social science queue. As i was already drinking a chilled lacasera in my mind for jumping the queue, a fierce looking tall muscular dude with scar on his face walk up to me saying "chairman go back if you nor want trouble".

If I Were The President

There is hardly no day or week that will pass without reading of bomb blast stories in our newspapers.

This is sickening to me because i sometimes wonder what our leaders in authorities are doing to maintain peace and order, to stop the menace and  insurgence raving the North east.

Maybe they don't want to act because of this reasons