Monday, 1 December 2014

If I Were The President

There is hardly no day or week that will pass without reading of bomb blast stories in our newspapers.

This is sickening to me because i sometimes wonder what our leaders in authorities are doing to maintain peace and order, to stop the menace and  insurgence raving the North east.

Maybe they don't want to act because of this reasons
1) They are very far from the insurgent raving region so who cares if they kill themselves. (know this, insecurity anywhere is a treat to peace everywhere)

2) They are more interested in 2015 general election so they don't give a shit. They believe it the opposition that is trying to bring down their government.

If i was the president in situation like this, I would do either of this,

1) Fight the insurgence with force.. I mean real force. why am i the commander in chief of the armed forces? I will fight and bring their sympathizers to book.

2) Resign.. I will resign if the killings is too much and i happen to be helpless.. But before i resign, i must have done number one to the later.

My opinion though.


  1. Nip it in the bud more like....... Resign? That word is not in the Nigerian employment or labour dictionary!