Wednesday, 3 December 2014

When Will PHCH Take The Light?#Bonny

One place i fell in love with recently is bonny island.

Hmm don't mind me joor. I went to the island not because i enjoys travelling(i love it though) neither for a visit but as one of my-job-searching-experience.

Bonny island is somewhere in river state in the Niger delta region,Nigeria. It roughly one hour thirty minute speedboat ride from port harcourt(capital city of river state). The only means of getting to the island is by water and air(i can bet a dollar that 99 percent of the people there travels by water popularly known as the bonny river).

I am confuse to why it is called a river because there is no difference in visible caparison to a sea. I doubt if a local boat can cross that river because of it turbulent nature. so remove it from the places you wishes to go before the end of 2014 if you detest traveling by water(hope am to scaring you o).

Bonny was actually a place i went to and i thought am not in Nigeria. The atmosphere is cool and lovely with beautiful girls and some cool spot to hangout but none of this really interest me that much because some other cities in naija also posses this same qualities.

You are definitely wondering why i fell in love with this place. Okay, take a deep breath and if possible grab a pop corn for am about to let the cat of the bag. I didn't love bonny until i had spent two days there.

I noticed the light has not blink since i arrived and that got me upset wondering, so i confronted my host because this is definitely strange to me. When will PHCN take the light? i asked(don't blame my curiosity because where i stay is a case study.we always do thanksgiving whenever there is six hours PHCN light) he laugh and said light in bonny never goes off.

Why will light ever goes off when there is strong presence of about three oil companies there?(it nice if that is part of their cooperate social responsibility). As a matter of fact, the presence of constant power supply there made me forget my major problem(lack of job) for some time.

I had love to stay longer in bonny but the cost of living there is high. I actually spent over a thousand naira severally in a local restaurant and i was still not filled until i had to resort to eating junk else i will swim back to my state.

Until one of the companies dim it fit for me to join them there, i say bye to bonny island for now.

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