Monday, 1 December 2014

Life Of A Nigerian Graduate(Episode 6)

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The d-day came and we were all over the sport complex awaiting the student affair representative.

It was on a Saturday morning with friendly weather. I had arrived the venue exactly 8am that day and prospective corps members were already there in their numbers queuing according to their faculties.

I manage to quiz myself in the middle of the social science queue. As i was already drinking a chilled lacasera in my mind for jumping the queue, a fierce looking tall muscular dude with scar on his face walk up to me saying "chairman go back if you nor want trouble".

You say watin, i pretended like i didn't hear him. The dude was furious and he push me but having master the technique of queue in a student crowded environment, i held up tight to the guy in my front but he won't still give up. He was bent on me following due process by starting at the back. Ok let me pass joor, i reluctantly left the queue to catch my breath close to the basket ball pitch and was viewing the guy in 3D from were i was Sitting because about three beautiful girls jump the same queue but he refuse to confront them. This left me thinking why guys are so hard on fellow guys but keep a blind eye when the table is turn around. I just have to look at the bright side because 100 years from now, it wouldn't matter anymore.

Exactly 9:50 two representative of the student affair division in-charge of issuing social science call-up latter came in with their table. They announced, please you all should form a straight line in front of the indoors sport hall. This is when i fully understand the statement "the last shall be the first". I was in front smiling while staring at my muscular friend who bundled me out of the queue earlier at the far end.

Write your name and sign here, a beautiful lady probably in her early thirties directed as she was handling me my call-up latter. Suddenly we heard a loud scream of jeeeeeeesus from a table not too far from ours.

It is the table were physical science students were being attended to. On a close observation the screamer look familiar. As i was approaching to know whats up, he cried out saying "God why bornu"? chineke i screamed not because am trying to sympathize with him but i had noticed he his the same dude i was with at the ATM that withdrew 10k to influence his posting. He was actually the one that fear going to boko state.(i practically understand now why they say the things we fear the most usually happens to us).

He was trying to contact Mr. NYSC influencer but the line was unreachable as i strolled to one end leaving the crowd to check were i was posted. To be continued

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