Monday, 2 March 2015

I Have A Confession

It is important to note that the post you are about to read contains facts with strong personal conviction which may differ and maybe contrary to popular believes on Christianity,so readers discretion is advised.

Ya, i must confess there are practice which i find funny in Christendom, although they are widely practiced up till tomorrow but i remain indifference about them. Oh don't give me that pagan-rish look, FYI, i am a Christian so i have the freedom to express my opinion on the things that does not go down well with me.shikina.. Okay lets roll;

I confess that fasting is unnecessary(tongue out).oh ya that is my opinion. I know you will want to tell me Jesus fasted for forty days and forty night. Staying away from food will not add more potency to your prayers. The truth is God will answer all your prayer if you sincerely ask(refer to James 4:3). My take on fasting is personal commitment to things of God for a set time(it can be an hour or more) just to meditate, evangelize, study the word Jesus did in the bible. It involve staying away from distraction thereby communing with the father. You are simply going on a suicide mission if you stay away from food for God to grant your request. God will not be moved by it if your motive is not right.

I confess that all-night prayer is a waste of your precious sleep time. It very funny when you hear believers say it good to rise up and pray at night or congregate in a church to pray all night. They believe it is the right time to destroy the witches and wizards that flies around 12am-4am. For crying out loud, that is unnecessary because the little prayer you say at your home before you go to bed is more potent than staying up all-night to fight the imaginary enemy. It always piss me off seeing workers sleeping on duty and the only excuse they will give is that they went for all-night prayers.

I confess that i don't sow seeds. If you want a miracle car, baby, job, marriage, etc you must sow a miracle seed towards it or nothing leaves God's hand until you have sow a seed that will provoke him(read God is not a police man) are some of the gimmick pastors implore in swindling cash from their congregation. What i do simply is to ask if i am in need not bribe God to give it to me. The seed i sow is giving the needy when am opportune to do so. I give towards ministry growth disguise-ly and i don't regard it as tithing because i never believe in tithe. You will see men giving hundreds of thousands in church as tithe but can't help their poor neighbors, some even underpay their workers and owe them for months.

I confess that i always feel like pouching the face of anyone that ask me,"why didn't you go to church?".  I hate this question like a plague. They will want you to feel guilty by mere missing a Sunday service. Thou shall not forsake the gathering of thy brethren the over religious ones will sometime say to me. They see missing a Sunday service as a big sin. I sometime wonder if there is a spiritual stethoscope to measure our faith to know who is a better believer. For the record, i had never broke the rule of thou shall not forsake the gathering of thy brethren. I always visit brethren with like minds and we discuses the word, attends sound bible teachings based on bible truths,listen to real messages rather than waste my time in some of this churches turning the gospel to business.

I confess that its not good to kill your enemy spiritually. If your enemy is hungry give him/her food to eat according to the bible. Now why go to church and the pastor command you to kill your enemy by fire(the funny part is when they were asked to bring out their imaginary AK47 gun to kill them all like Spartacus). They see any setback as ploy of the enemy rather to accept their inefficiency. Now tell me who will the table in psalm 23 be set before if you finish killing all your enemies? Please pray for your enemies and copy the great king Solomon in the bible. He simply asked God for wisdom and God was impressed that he brought all his enemies under him.


  1. I love the last one. Roflmao ******Abeg help me ask them the enemies they will finally set their victory tables before, when they've killed off all their enemies.

  2. I've been thinking of writing about the blatant manipulation that is used to induce seed sowing today, will start working on it.
    I love your confessions, many Christians do not realise the enormous liberty they have in Christ... Suffering in vain

    1. Thanks adaezenwa. You better write on the blatant manipulation fast for it will be a nice read.

  3. Going to church,paying tithes,sowing seed and all of d above is a personal decision,it perilous times,false churches and prophets has risen,so many people go to church to worship deir pastor,deir pastor has bcum deir god,no one should b forced to pay tithe or sow seed,it ur decision,u can only b advised with bible backings,this makes me rememba wen I was in school,a friend of mine goes to dis particular church,i was always complaining cos evrytime my pastor dis my pastor dt,na so dem g church dis faithful day,dy cum tell them say make dy sow anytin say God wants to do sumtin wondaful for them,people no to stand up,na him d man go lock d door of d church dt if dey dnt sow seed dt d wnt go home,dt he jst want dem to know d importance of sowing seed,dt dey can sow anytin,na I'm student ooo begin dy sow dvd,television,u go write down ur name and wt u sow,so u dnt run away.the tin is sum pastors jst overdo it,y force people to sow seed,is it u God will bless if dy sow,let. Jst beware of churches we attend,church will lead so many to hell.we can seek God on our own,he will put us throug.

    1. lol anonymous. You said it all. It better we know him for ourselve