Thursday, 18 September 2014

Plssss# God Is Not A Policeman

I find it very hilarious when Christians, not all but some gullible ones that reduces the almighty God to a policeman(remember police is your friend..winks.).They think God can be bribed.

This sets of Christians jump from one prayer house to another in search of a miraculous breakthrough and oppression from an imaginary enemies in the village. This has made them quick enough falling for the antics many pastors operates in swindling and ripping off unsuspecting Christians of their valuables especially cars and money.

As a matter of fact, the way some churches carry out this money swindling act is not different from the way the occult operates.

Just imagine yourself in a live Sunday service, the pastor after imposing some random claims on their victims in the name of prophecy, they would ask the particular victim to buy anointing oil,Goat,and some other nonsense to break them from the ancestral causes tormenting their family.

Most Pastors has twisted the teachings of the bible to suit their personal greed for money by making their congregations believes God will not answer their prayers if it not backed by gold cash which they tag as "seed sowing". You will hear them say nothing leave God's hand until you sow a seed that will provoke him. Some will even tell their congregation that they cannot sow 500 naira when they are believing God to bless them with a car, that the said 500naira can not even purchase the Tyre of a bicycle..hehe

This teachings has made many Christians view the almighty father as a money doubler and policeman that they can lobby at will.

The truth is God will answer your sincere prayers without even paying a dime because he is always a giver and he loves you that he gave his son for your salvation.


  1. Your thoughts are spot on! It's almost akin to going to a 'babalawo' who asks you to bring certain items before 'work' can be done for you.
    People ought to go back to knowing God for themselves and not through a third party.
    Nice one.
    [Came over from Ofili's blog]

    1. Thats just it bro, people really have to know God for themselves. Thanks for stoping by.