Saturday, 6 September 2014

My job searching experience

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you had to cross rivers and bridges to get it? I did that for job hunting sake.

 Back then when i was in school, i had always acted  and thought like every normal serious student. Aside the bookish activities like reading, doing assignments and attending classes, we had always thought about life after school.

We all had big dreams. The only obstacle facing these dreams is getting our letter of endorsement  certificates. We believed with our certificates, the sky is just the starting point. Everyone has that dream career he/she would love to pursue after school.

I had friends whose career interests ranges from banking, government and politics and so on but nor of the aforementioned career appeal to me; my interest is working in the energy sector, the oil and gas area to be specific.wink..(why would i not eye that sector when my community and state is blessed with crude oil and natural gas?lol.). Although, we were told there are no jobs that it is even easier finding a virgin of over twenty-five years than finding a job in Nigeria.

Being the optimistic type, i had always believe  i will get an offer before i finish my national service because i have sent my resume and cover letter  to the various oil and gas operation office via poster service indicating interest to starting my career path in their companies. I had even done professional courses to boost my chances in this job hunt.

But a week to passing out parade, am still yet to receive any job invite. Am like whatttt..grabbing my computer and phone with both hands for massive web searching.hehe
me searching all available jobs in the internet
I have change my mind to accept any job that will come my way. I began massive job hunt in the internet. I registered in all the job site within my reach. A month after passing out there are still no offer. It was getting frustrating so i have to go aggressive in my search.

In this aggressive search, i planned storming all the companies i could find on my way and hand them my CV because enough is enough( Omo this aggressive search nor easy atall).. I  dropped my CVs from banks to banks, warehouse to warehouse, companies to companies with my partner in crime  friend, Raymond by my side. As a matter of fact, there are companies i was denied entry and even refuse to accept my CV. They are like who do you want to see? i said the human resource manager...their reply will be oya call am..ok give him this enveloped, it contain application latter and my credentials i said. They will be like young man you better leave this place if he is not expecting you because we don't accept latter and CVs. Some friendly companies will politely chase you from their premises by telling you to go and submit your CVs in their website.

Luckily, replies and invites were now coming in for some of the applications i did online. I wrote many aptitude test online and some were kind enough to reply by saying "we are sorry to say the journey of your full time employment ends here,please don't take it personally because we receive a record of applications and we had to turn away a lot of promising,bright and motivated people like yourself" while others just keep dead silent..i really hate the silent treatment like crazy.

Like i was saying, i crossed bridges and rivers all for job hunting. I received call to report for immediate employment at a marketing firm in Onitsha a popular city in Anambra state of south eastern Nigeria. i have no option than to cross the Niger bridge across river Niger which is the boundary between Delta and Anambra state. Getting to the company, i was briefed by the manager that in their company, managers don't just walked through the doors rather they are made.  That i have to serve the company for six months without pay then i will be made an assistant manager after my six months elapses.

He called that a training which i must undergo in the field, i agreed and ask what i will be doing in the field. Like seriously, i was expected to merchandised goods in a big Ghana must go bag on my back along the streets of onitsha(hawking of electronics appliances)  or i could opt for payment which would be 5% of my total sales every month but i will not grow in the company. I left the job the following day, honestly i think i deserve to be on the Guinness book of records of having the shortest employment in the world.lmao..

About a week letter, i received text massage to report at  Benin city for an aptitude test and interview as a business developer. wow, i was very elated and was fully prepared and ready to show them the stuff am made of.
see me in the front Matching majestically 
I arrived the venue 9:55 a.m that day as the test is to start by 10 a.m. we where given a sheet to answer some few questions within the nest 30 minutes, trust me, i always have answer to any question whether right or wrong but i will make you believe its right. But seeing the questions, it was very funny. Funny because the questions are, what characteristic an idea leader should posses, are you a team player, describe yourself in one sentence, what is NAFDAC and bla bla bla. After the test, the director came in. 

He went motivational, and later introduces the company as partnering with different health companies, that all we have to do is take them to any organisation for them to give free health talk. Their aim is to run scan for the audience at 1,000 naira per person. The sharing ratio will be 60:40 in benefit to whomever take them to a particular audience. The only problem is they want us to pay a licencing fee of 10,000 naira. You needed to see how angry job seekers were storming out of the hall. 

In fact, many jobless youth  has taken advantage of the unemployment situation in the country to swindle unsuspecting job seekers off their cash. I know this because i have received about five messages of similar offer  of an employment but they want me to contact HRM to purchase my agreement form or i should contact some guy in the immigration office to ask for my visa and my work permit in UK(the latest scam i received).

To cut a short story like this one shorter, i need a job like seriously,Please help a brother.should you want to reach me,check HERE.Thanks


  1. Our mindset has to change. I went through this 'I want a job' phase. Now I am older, I wish I had utilised my time better and used my initiative. Maybe being employed may not be for you? Being an employer of labour may be your niche but you just dont realise it yet.

    Develop your skills.

    1. Thanks for the advice calabar girl. You're welcome to mudilityBlog and please do stop by often.