Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Sh*t I Love Doing

There are things i love doing at my leisure time. The mere thought of some of this things sometimes gives me orgasm. I love going on a boat ride, i like swimming, in fact i love anything that has to do with water. I could go a whole day staring at the sea without eating(just kidding).

Please don't border asking why i fancy water so much because i don't even have any logical explanation answer to it. Maybe we have to consult a psychologist; i bet they will have a name for my predicament.They will probably say am suffering from something ending with  syndrome.

I trust the Americans, they will scientifically prove my love for water by mere collecting the sample of my blood. with my DNA statistics in their lab after some clinical testing, they will conclude my love for water is as a result of being a native of the Niger Delta region in Nigeria backing their findings with facts,figures,pie charts,drawings,maps,etc just to convince you.

Meanwhile in Africa, my water loving ordeal may be seen as diabolical. Some will say i love water because am probably a gift from water or my ancestors worshiped the gods of waters or i was a fish in my former life and bla bla bla.

My love for water goes beyond any explanation, All i can tell you is, i just love the cool and mystery of water period.

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