Friday, 15 August 2014

Gambling To Make Ends Meet

Gambling as we know is a game of chance whereby a player either win or loss something of material value. It involves the individual staking money or any goods/property of worth(like Gold,Cars,House,etc) with the expectation of winning money or property higher than what was staked.

Generally, gambling is seen as bad and trust me, you will definitely be referred to as the black sheep of the society if you are seen around a gambling ground back then when i was still a child..i was about twelve years old then., but nowadays, its has become a means of living for many. This sound funny but its the in thing right now and most youths are making it big time.
As an easygoing dude, i find it quite easy mixing up with different class of persons and this has expose me to things most of my age mates will be ignorant about. Things like making a speedboat with an A4 paper and punching annoying people on the face. hehe..okay joke apart.. Mixing with different persons has expose me to their lifestyle and some of the things they do to make ends meet.

Gambling has become a major occupation that provides daily bread for a large percentage of our population not because those involves are really happy doing it but the harsh economy situation has been identified as the cause.

 According to the recent survey i carried out,My findings using a small sample size of fifty random youth shows that thirty-five out of fifty(70%) of them are involve in gambling.

When i say gambling, am not referring to those casino kind of game we usually see in Hollywood or those dices and card type of gambling in Nollywood but i mean online sport betting.

Online sport betting like Bet365naija, NairaBet, MerryBet, Bet9ja,etc and lotto popularly called baba ijebu has put more smile in the faces of youth than the government. Its now the major source of living for the teaming youth because the government had failed in providing jobs.

Please Don't think am trying to promote online sports betting platform or I was paid to do so. As a matter of fact, I have never for once engaged in it but I have seen people living off the returns of this new gambling platform and Am happy for them. 

Just imagine how the street of some popular cities in Nigeria would have been with the present high unemployment rate if  there was no online sports betting... If you Were thinking high rate of kidnapping, arm robbery and rebel against the government, you are definitely right. Revolution would have long taken place.

My opinion though. 


  1. well thought Mr Ubreye, the rate of unemployment can bring out alternative in the right-minded dudes.

    my candid advice is while one gamble in any sort one should be very cautious not to put all eggs in one basket!!

  2. Ifeanyi you very correct.. Thanks for the comment.

  3. OK - so I read the response before I read the preceding post and jumped to conclusions...... I apologise.

    Gambling is not a vice to be encouraged........