Thursday, 24 September 2015

Removing dust

While i remove dust from this blog, i must sincerely apologies to all readers of mudility blog for the long absence. It's not intentional but i may still deserve some flogging if you

I think it would be appropriate to update you on some events while i was away. Where do i even start from??(wink). Please am really sorry because this post will be be very looooooooooooooonnnngg..

Okay, It was in first week of may. I was so furious due to the time and transport money i had wasted to attend a GLND(abi na GNLD sef? wot ever,wink) seminar. Anger was written all over my face as i storm out their conference hall along adesuwa road in Benin city. I blamed myself for not seeing the signs earlier until i arrived the gate. I almost turned back, but i was curious to see Mr. Adebayo, the wizard dude that sent me the invite.

Mr. Adebayo capitalized on my desire to work in an oil company by sending me a text message to show up for a graduate trainee interview as they are directly recruiting for the various oil and gas companies. I called to confirm, and he was like, "We are very impress with your Cv and we believe you are the idea person for this job". On hearing those words, i was very happy(that kind feelings you have when a lady you have be chasing for several months finally say yes) but was trying to remember when and how i applied for this job.

As my brain could not help picture the exalt time, i concluded it may be the fruit yielding from one of my numerous job search(read here ). I made up my mind to be there no matter what.

Since it's an interview with the oil tycoons, i had already dust and ironed my suit to impress my interviewers(you know in the world of job search , first impression matters alot).

**The D-day**

I woke up exactly 5.05am and was set to en route the ancient city of Benin by journey of roughly two and a half hours). I didn't really know what spur my last minute change of my mind to trade wearing my gallant suit for a black pant trouser and a white striped long sleeve but was grateful for it later.

Long story made short, i got to the address in Benin but saw GNLD boldly written all over the premises(i guess its may be their regional headquarters), i put a call across to Mr adebayo to confirm if i was in the right place and he told me to enter the GNLD premises. I was so vexed because i knew i have been deceived.

The only thing i wanted to do then was to see my fake interviewer, then give him an uppercut.To be continued

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