Saturday, 7 November 2015

Removing dust Part 2

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Inside the conference hall were about two hundred people. I was ushered to sit very close to the rare. Please were is Mr. Adebayo  i inquire from the usher. He said i will meet him after the presentations.

My friends, i must let you know that just within two years i join this company, i have traveled to several country including the U.S.A. Its all about networking with the right people and the right company. I must tell you all that the fastest and easiest way to make money like Bill Gate and our own Alico Dangote, you must build investments and think out of the box.
In fact, the speaker is a sweet talker and he went further to quote several lines from Robert kiyosaki books. I was getting pissed off from his unending lies that i had to storm out of the hall. Being a gentleman, i decided to bury my machete and let karma judge Mr. Adebayo.

I was so furious that the only thing on my mind is to go home and drink the 'origin bitters' i refuse to take the previous night. Within few minutes i was along Sapele road benin city. Normally, i would have gone to Bob Izua motors park to book for my ticket to warri but i decided to just take all those road side transport to minimize cost and to save unnecessary waste of time in the park.

We have barely past Sapele in Delta State that the bus i entered brokedown. We were only surrounded by bushes and long trees. From were i sat i could see clearly angry passengers trying to flag down passing vehicles and some shouting "driver give me my money".

Before i recall what was happening, i had already trekked about 15km still trying to flag down vehicles. As a matter of fact, i trekked and trekked that you may think i was trekking to congratulate president Buhari for his victory in the poll or for GEJ for conceding defeat. Luckily, i and some other passengers manage a standing space in a pickup van to warri.  

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