Friday, 31 October 2014

My Marijuana Experience

If you grow up in the ghetto or you have sometime mistakenly find your self in a ghetto, then you definitely know what a marijuana is. Even most persons popularly called the AJEBO's(those from rich homes and normally lives in GRA) in Nigeria are well familiar with what a marijuana is.

Marijuana is dry leaves which is medicinal according to those that normally consumes it. They claims it usually gives inspiration(i can attest to this and make them forget the problem of the world and some other funny stuffs like an appetizer(those in this group cannot eat breakfast or dinner until they open their stomach with the intake of marijuana), a sleeping supplement(this particular groups can not sleep at night unless they take some dossage) and a shitting supplement(i guess this one is self explanatory..ok i will give you a clue..they always smoke it in the toilet period).

The marijuana has different nicknames(Igboo,weed,kpoo,kpom,sly,etc). The most popular of all its names is IGBOO and those consumer of this natural leave in Nigeria are of the opinion that "nkwale igboo" is the most sophisticated and active.

Although i don't smoke but i had interacted with people that smokes and all of them are reasonable and well behaved against my long held opinion that smokers are rascals and unreasonable(many are like that anyway). Sometime whenever i catch them in the act,i will go preachy and try to tell them that smoking is bad and that they are cursing damages to their lungs,also reminding them that "the federal ministry of health warns that smokers are liable to die young". They will occasionally make fun of me and say you don't know what you are missing; that marijuana is natural leave created by God to be enjoyed by mankind, off-cause i will crack a popular joke saying "if God want make we smoke E for put exult for our back head na"hehe.

To be specific, there was this particular dude i met in my final year as an undergraduate. We met in night class(usually classrooms were students go to read at night). This dude is a voracious reader. He can go all night without sleeping and this left me wondering how he usually do that even when others(me inclusive) must have slept and woken up three times through the night.

Being the inquisitive type, i jokingly demanded him to tell me the secret behind his shining pussy cat eyes. Is it some sort of caffeine? or witchcraft? i said it due to him eating rightly and healthily.

To make a short story short, on one faithful Saturday evening, 7p.m to be precise, i went to his house so that we can go all night reading together. Lo and behold, my friend was about to dish the beans he just prepared, the aroma was everywhere in the room and i was already salivating. I needed no invite because i had already grab a spoon and we ate it with a loaf of slice bread. I ate and ate because the beans was too delicious compare to the beans i have ever eaten. I told him he was a good cook and about 10minutes letter, we where set to go reading.

On our way, my mood dropped and i was feeling somehow light. I told my friend that i think my body needed rest that am not going again. He said okay that i should take it easy and we departed. As i was going back home, i was seeing every one around me in twos while the flat surface ground was somehow sloppy to me. I stop to ascertain what is happening to me but i was now hearing strange reggae music in my head so i had to sing along and i was actually feeling like
Bob Marley

It now clear to me that i was high on something.Oh it was that beans mixed with some leave i ate earlier that gave me this inspiration. I manage to hold myself to my room,the room was rotating and it was as if i was in the middle of a troubling river. I burst a tin of peak milk inside a bow of garri and soaked it all. 

I lay on the floor praying silently to God for help that i will never eat or visit that dude again. I didn't remember when i slept but i could remember i woke up 7:15 a.m the following day very hungry.

Later my friend came to see me but i was very furious with him why he didn't let me know of the marijuana inside the beans. He apologized and said that it actually the secret of his "shinning pussy cat eyes" before reading. Cheers.

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