Monday, 13 October 2014

If You Think Being In The Friend Zone Is Bad, Try The Brother Zone.

Many at times, i do hear people complain of how they have been marginalized and  katarported placed in the friend zone in relationships.

As a matter of fact, i personally know someone in this shit ordeal, he is a very closed friend and i will sometimes make jest of him while trying to console him to look at the bright side. I would encourage him to keep trying that he may someday move from the friend zone status(i think this should be added to the options on marital status..rolling my eyes..) to a real relationship status.

My popular quote words of advice to him is usually "quitters never win" and would sometimes boost to him that i can never be in that kind of shit.

Little did i know, i am even worst off. I am actually in the Brother Zone. Before i narrate my experience of being in the brother zone, let me explains how the friend zone works.

The friend zone is a process where a person who sincerely nurture romantic affection of love towards the opposite sex but the feelings is not reciprocated rather s/he will tag you as a very close friend who they can count on anytime, any-day and even in any place.(hope the definition is understood?)

The guys are usually the victims here. If she can easily share her secrets with you(like how she would like to do threesome having you as the camera dude), fart in your presence, get naked in your presence etc., please you need not consult any magician prophet! you're definitely in the friend

Now, how did i fall into this shit called brother zone? It all started in my first year in the University. It was inside the great UNIBEN auditorium on our matriculation ceremony. We got talking and something led to the other,so will exchanged contacts.

I would visit her in the hostel,after lectures. We would go to the library together, then hangout in a place called "love gutter" in front of the female hostel. I would happily help her do stuffs i will grudgingly do for myself. She will sometime package a well prepared meal for me anytime i didn't steal take her indomie noodles.

In fact, we knew everything about our self. she will fart, poo, ask me to help her get a pad, she will sometime fight with me naked. She had told all her friends that we are cousins. Wherever they see me, they would ask, were is your sister? Even her toasters would sometime call me on the phone to help me beg my sister that they love her very much.

This how i feel whenever i receive such calls.

The only benefit is that some of them would credit my phone and tell me to manage the little token that more goodies await me. She has actually took me with her on a date introducing me to the guy as her brother. My consolation that day was a plate of fried rice garnished with salad and a can of juice to flush it down.

With all the stuffs i already mentioned happening to me, i had confronted her many times that i do really love and cherished her, i want intimacy(i actually mean s*x),that am ready to be her all in all and she would tell me to my face that she is my sister... Now am stuck in the brother zone.

Please feel free to share your story in the comment box if you have experience similar situation.

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