Sunday, 15 February 2015

Is Your Take Home Pay Actually Taking You Home?

It always surprises me when employees grin and complain about their monthly salaries but refuse to do anything. All they do is continued complaining and causing of their boss for underpayment outside the work place but too afraid to ask for a raise for fear of losing the job.

I believe high rate of unemployment in our country should not be a factor for accepting a low paying job. Determine the least amount you can accept, the amount that can actually take you home not the amount that will leave you in debt after you receive your monthly take home pay.(Read I only requested for a minimum of 40k but i was given the greedy look)

Life is too short to suffer and receive low pay for any job especially the once you didn't have passion for. Its equivalent to slavery if you do.

Now, can low pay be accepted? Yes, if it is what you are passionate about and can afford doing it for free or just doing it to gain experience or just volunteering to help a cause.

Just my thought though.               .

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