Thursday, 5 February 2015

There Is God O #my near death experience

The phrase "there is God o" is being constantly linked to our amiable first lady mama peace. Although many sees her as overbearing and sometimes makes funny comments on some of her speech, i personally love and admire her person. She posses that kind of charisma which portray her as a goal-getter and no bullshit person. A woman needs to be strong and powerful for her man to be secured(if you ever play the game of chess you will understand this).

Anyway this post is not about mama peace. Sometime when you remember the challenges of life, the only shit word that would pop out of your mouth is 'there is God o'. Even when you claim to be an atheist, there are times you will consciously admit there is a supreme being controlling the universe, or there are some sorts of guardian angels that protects you.

Indeed there is God.How do i know you may want to ask? I will not tell you its because i read the holy bible or God appeared and reveal his existence to me but you may be convinced after you read my near death experience.

Though there have been several near miss(especially when plying the highways), i will be particular with this incident. It was around 1a.m on saturday the 26th of october 2013, I was still fast asleep.

Corper!.corper!!.corper!!!.(a popular name used in referring to any Nigerian undergoing the mandatory national service) was the distress scream i heard interrupting my lovely dream of how Dangote is begging me to marry her daughter( was my neighbour calling, she have never called me this way before and considering the odd hour, i definitely knew something must be wrong even in my sleeping state. Corper!.corper!! jesusssss..jeeesussss...Corperrrrrrrrrrrrrr goes the scream again.

Immediately, with the speed of Usain Bolt i sprang up from my bed ready to deal mercilessly with the intruder(i was banking on the three weeks military training i received while on camp, i still much remember the martial arts lessons and how i climb the scaring awgu hill in Enugu) but i was wrong.

I was wrong because it was not a human intruder per-say but man's best friend and worst enemy.The building is on fire and to add salt to an injury, the only exit has been engulfed with fire. As a matter of fact, i can see the fire all over the front of my locked door and jumping through the window practically means jumping into the fire.

At this time the screaming has taken several dimension,with some shouting umirhi o, umirhiii (meaning water in igbo),corperrrrrrr,jesusssssss, and besides the smoke has circulated my room like an hungry lion waiting for its prey. I knew i have to do something very fast because my light has went off suddenly, looking at my left lies my precious laptop, while my phone and wallet are conspicuous beside my bed. Meanwhile, i was only on my boxers thinking of what to save.

As i was about grabbing my certificates out of my box, a voice within said move out now. I unbolt the door and walked through the fire(maybe i ran through it). I was unhurt. Within ten minutes of trying to put of the fire with the combine efforts of about twenty residents of the neighborhood, the men of the Enugu state fire service showed up and the fire practically too almost an hour plus to put off.

I saw the flames on my ceilings, the heavy black thick smoke oozing out of my room. I knew noting is as important to human rather life itself ,and when i remember the four thousand five hundred naira in my wallet, my laptop, phone, certificates, Debit card, ID  and my cloths, the sympathetic me told me not to worry that everything will be fine.My neighbors were in tears as their rooms razed down without picking a cup from it.

After the fire fighters left the scene, i walked slowly towards my room hoping to find the remains of at-least my burnt certificates. Lo and behold, its was a miracle, my room was okay. Except from minor burnt of my curtains, a little fire scraping of my mattress and wall paper, all other things were intact. I practically could not believe my eyes and this left some persons that witness the sense believe God is really great because we all saw the flames in my room from outside.

Whenever i remember this incident, i just shake my head and scream there is God o.

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