Thursday, 10 November 2016

I Receive My Generational Blessings

Okay last sunday being the first sunday of November 2016, i was in a church service. So after a wonderful choir ministration, the man of God mounted the pulpit. The sermon was very short, what followed were some scaring prophesy and rigorous prayers to break each and everyone present from their household generational causes.

Now am not saying that the prayers are wrong but why cant we Christians think differently? why do we continue to dwell in the message of hate preached by these self acclaim men of God. They make you believe that you have one uncle/aunt in the villages or somewhere responsible for all your woes.

If you believe so much in generational causes then definitely there should be generational blessings because in every demerit there also lies merit.

I therefore tap and command all my generational blessings to flow towards me. I refuse to continue praying against causes, for its stated in the bible that those that are in Christ are new creatures and old things(causes) have passed away. just in my preachy mood today ..wink. Stay bless and don'ts cause trouble if you do, cause non violent ones.

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