Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Entrepreneurial Story Is Not That Rosy

Times without numbers you hear people say why not just start something even if its small and nurture it to become an empire over time.

Honestly, it really good when you become your own boss but truth is, there are some enormous challenges every start-up encounters that you are probably not aware of.
These challenges if not properly tackled may most times bring your business to an abrupt end within the shortest possible time. The bitter truth is that running a business is not that easy as we are made to believe.. Its require skills, dedication and perseverance for it to succeed.

You may encounter financial problem inform of trying to pay for rent and registrations. The local government will storm your business premises for revenue, you will pay levy for your banner and sign post, security bill, utility bill and some others too numerous to mention.

Please am not trying to discourage anybody here from venturing into their business but am just trying to make you aware that the entrepreneurial story is not always rosy.There are challenges and you need to be determine and have enough patience to grow.  

Kudos to the young entrepreneurs in the house. 

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